Real-time capture & analysis technology

MySwing Baseball is the state-of-the-art coaching and fitness tool for baseball

MySwing is the perfect tool for player development. Capture movement data with millimeter accuracy, indoors or outdoors, from over 50 yards away.

Kinematic Sequence for Swing and Pitch

3D Avatar Rendering

Capture tilts, angles, and rotations of the body

Real-time Capture & Analysis

Side-By-Side Analysis

Body Measurements

Dedicated Bat Sensor & Rendering

Ball Trajectory Tracking

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Plug-n-Play Use

Fully Portable

No Cameras or Power Needed

Affordable Cloud Data Management for Coaches and Players*

* Coming Soon

MySwing Baseball cloud locker coach & player management, mobile app, ball tracking, and pressure pad coming Q3 2021.

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