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MySwing Baseball is the State-of-the-Art Coaching and Fitness Tool for Baseball & Softball

MySwing is the perfect tool for player development. Capture real-time 3D movement data with millimeter accuracy, indoors or outdoors.
Portable and easy to use.

MySwing Baseball

Real-Time 3D Biometric Data

MySwing Baseball uses the latest in inertial based sensor technology to capture real-time 3D data of a players swing or pitch. An ideal tool for training, player development and injury prevention.


MySwing Baseball Software

Capture, Review, Compare and Export

The MySwing Baseball Software is an easy to use tool that gives coaches easy access to capture and view swings and pitches. Review your data, compare it to the same player or others and get a full report of your session in 30 seconds.


Data You Can Trust

The only solution that gives you a complete end to end view of your swing or pitch. View from any angle and analyze your mechanics. Overlay traces angles, rotations and tilts for an even more detailed analysis.

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