MySwing Training Drills

Drill Information

Equipment: Bat, Tee, Baseballs

· Prevent lunging
· Prevent hanging back
· Weight distribution and transfer

Instructions: Start with your lead foot crossed over your back foot. Take your stride to the heel strike position, pause, and then swing.

Focus: Want to land with your weight in the center of your body. This means that at heel strike you want your pelvis, torso, and head all an equal distance from both feet. Land in a proper 50/50 weight distribution on both your back and front leg. Allow gravity to take you forward rather than pushing forward off the back leg.

Importance: Proper weight distribution and transfer will allow the rest of the body to move more efficiently during the swing and allow for more power output.

Common Mistakes: Sway, hanging back, lunging, pushing your lower body.

Variations: This drill can be simplified by eliminating the swing and freezing at heel strike. To increase difficulty this can also be performed during front toss. Additionally, for better feedback can place tape or a marker on the ground that shows the hitter where their body should be positioned at heel strike.

How to Analyze a MySwing Report

Pitch Analysis from the MySwing Baseball Software

"A hitter should use the 50-50 Stride Drill if they are not getting their weight (center of mass) in the center of their feet by the end of the stride. This is an example of a hitter that should use the 50-50 stride drill. This image is taken from the end of the stride of the hitter. The blue dot and arrow represent their center of mass, which is located closer to their back foot signifying that they are not shifting their weight forward with their stride and instead hanging back."

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