MySwing Training Drills

Drill Information

Equipment: Bat, Tee, Baseballs

· Bat path
· Hip hinge
· Kinematic Sequence

Instructions: Choke up on your normal bat about 5-7 inches and take a full swing. The knob of the bat should not make contact with your body.

Focus: Focus on maintaining a proper hip hinge throughout the entire swing. A high finish and extension through contact will encourage proper bat pat.

Importance: Choking up on the bat helps you maintain your hip hinge at contact and be aware of your posture. Encourages bat control and barrel turn.

Common Mistakes: Coming across the ball, losing posture.

Variations: This can also be performed with front toss to increase difficulty level.

How to Analyze a MySwing Report

Pitch Analysis from the MySwing Baseball Software

"A hitter should use these drills if their bat path is not long through the zone (doesn’t get on plane with the pitch early). In this example this hitter is short in the zone by pushing their hands instead of turning the barrel. This hurts adjustability and requires precise timing to make contact."

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