MySwing Training Drills

Drill Information

Equipment: 5ft PVC Pipe

· Kinematic Sequence
· Hip Shoulder Separation

Instructions: Place the PVC pipe vertically on the outside of your back foot. Hold the upper part of the PVC pipe using your batting grip at the height where your hands are in your stance. Now go to your heel strike position. From this position begin rotating your pelvis, while keeping your torso and hands back creating a stretch across your core. Repeat this movement from the heel strike position.

Focus: Focus on moving your pelvis independently from your torso creating hip-shoulder separation.

Importance: This drill helps a hitter feel their hip-shoulder separation along with the proper sequencing of the pelvis and torso. Hip-shoulder separation can create a rubber band effect that helps generate more power in the swing.

Common Mistakes: Improper sequencing (pelvis and torso fire together), push with the lower half, spinning the back foot (squish the bug).

Variations: Instead of staying at the heel strike position can start in your initial stance at the beginning of each rep. This can help the hitter feel their hands staying back as they move forward in their stride.

How to Analyze a MySwing Report

Pitch Analysis from the MySwing Baseball Software

"This drill helps to create hip-shoulder separation and should be used by the hitter in this example. This hitter only has -2 degrees of hip-shoulder separation, which means that their torso only gets 2 degrees behind their pelvis. Their torso then quickly passes their pelvis as seen by the positive hip-shoulder separation angle. This hitter needs to work on hip-shoulder separation drills to help create energy by having their torso stretched away from their pelvis like a rubber band. This can be done by counter rotating the torso or rotating the pelvis before the torso as demonstrated in this drill."

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