MySwing Baseball Kit

MySwing Baseball Kit

- Kinematic sequences for swings and pitches
- 3D Avatar Renderings
- Capture tilts, angles, and rotations of the body
- Real time capture and analysis
- Side-by-side Analysis
- Bat Trace
- Mobility Screens
- Mode for Baseball and Softball
- Indoor or outdoor use

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MySwing Baseball - Player Development Solution

MySwing delivers an industry first complete 3D real-time view of a players swing or pitch for baseball and softball.

State-of-the-art inertial based wearable technology that can be used in any location at any time.

The MySwing Baseball Software is an easy to use tool that gives coaches easy access to capturing swings and pitches. Review your data, compare it to the same player or others and get a full report of your session in 30 seconds.

What's in the box?

  • 17 MySwing Body Sensors
  • 1   MySwing Bat Sensor
  • 1   Hub and Antenna
  • 1   Hub USB Cable
  • 1   Power Adapter
  • 1   Power Extension Cord
  • 1   Battery Box (stores and calibrates sensors)
  • 1   Set of Full Body Straps
  • 1   Travel Case
  • 2  Bat Knob holders
  • 3  Clips for gloves and hats

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Features & Specifications

Software: MySwing Baseball Software
Data Format: .csv
Real-time: Yes
Magnetic Resistance: Full magnetic immunity for short periods of time
Sensor Size: 43mm x 33mm x 20mm*
Sensor Weight: 15.8 g
Dynamic Range: 360 deg
Accelerometer Range: ±32 g
Gyroscope Range: ±2000 dps
Resolution: 0.02 deg
Battery Life ≤4.5 hours
Battery Charge time: ≤2 hours
Max. connected sensors: 17 full body or 18 with bat
Output Rate: 90 Hz
Latency: < 20 ms
Wireless Range: 7m Omni

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