MySwing Training Drills

Drill Information

Equipment: 5ft PVC Pipe, Tee, Wiffle Balls

· Kinematic Sequence
· Hip Hinge
· Posture

Instructions: Hold the PVC Pipe across your chest at about shoulder height. This eliminates the arms from the swing. Get into your stance and hit the wiffle ball off the tee using the PVC pipe.

Focus: Focus on initiating the swing with the pelvis followed by the torso. Having a proper hip hinge helps to maintain posture throughout the swing and adjust to pitch locations.

Importance: By initiating the swing with the pelvis followed by the torso the hitter can feel the proper sequence pattern. By maintaining the hip hinge the hitter will also get a feel for proper swing plane.

Common Mistakes: Sway, pushing with the lower half, improper sequencing (pelvis and torso fire together).

Variations: Tee can be set up in different locations to simulate different pitches (high, low, inside, outside).

How to Analyze a MySwing Report

Pitch Analysis from the MySwing Baseball Software

"The PVC Pipe Hitting Drill would help the hitter in this example to initiate their swing with their pelvis and help the pelvis peak first in the kinematic sequence. In this graph the green line which represents the torso/ribcage transitions (vertical arrows) and peaks (horizontal arrows) before the red line or pelvis. This means that the hitter is initiating their swing with their torso and not their pelvis limiting the contribution of the lower half."

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