MySwing Training Drills

Drill Information

Equipment: Bat, Tee, Baseballs

· Hand Path/Lead arm mechanics
· Prevent rolling over
· Swing Plane

Instructions: Take your stance and turn over your trail hand so that it is upside down with your palm against the grip with the back of your hand towards your face. Grip your lead hand normally and this will make it the dominant hand in this drill. Take your normal swings using this reverse “grip”. Note if you start in your stance with your elbow down, place your hand so your fingertips and palm are in line with your elbow.

Focus: Focus on staying inside the baseball through contact and turning the barrel. Using proper kinematic sequencing will help you turn the barrel and not push the barrel to and through contact.

Importance: Promoting a proper lead arm bat path creates good direction for your swing plane.

Common Mistakes: Pushing the hands, dragging/dumping the barrel.

Variations: The way suggested above is more of a one hand drill, so to decrease the difficulty the hitter can grip the bat with their trail hand upside down. Since both hands are now gripping the bat, this allows for more control, and is a great alternative for younger hitters. The drill can also be done with a short bat to increase control with either grip by decreasing the weight and length of the bat. Alternatively, to increase the difficulty this drill can also be done during front toss or overhand batting practice. Make sure they can perform well off the simpler variations before increasing the difficulty.

How to Analyze a MySwing Report

Pitch Analysis from the MySwing Baseball Software

"A hitter should use these drills if their bat path is not long through the zone (doesn’t get on plane with the pitch early). In this example this hitter is short in the zone by pushing their hands instead of turning the barrel. This hurts adjustability and requires precise timing to make contact."

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