MySwing Training Drills

Drill Information

Equipment: Slant Board, Bat, Tee, Baseball

· Prevent sway
· Prevent weight transfer
· Back leg shin angle

Instructions: Place the slant board under your back foot while in your hitting stance and take a full swing with the ball on the tee.

Focus: Allow gravity to take you forward into your stride instead of pushing off the back foot. Focus on resisting your load with your back leg to create tension.

Importance: This helps prevent your center of mass and your back knee going over your back foot which causes you to sway. The slant board puts you in the proper shin angle and back leg position to transfer your weight properly.

Common Mistakes: Pushing with the lower half, loss of posture, lunging.

Variations: This drill can also be done during front toss or batting practice to increase difficulty. To decrease difficulty this drill can be done either with dry swings or to isolate the load and stride phases you can stop the swing at toe touch.

How to Analyze a MySwing Report

Pitch Analysis from the MySwing Baseball Software

"A hitter would use the Slant Board Back Leg Drill if they are swaying during their load. This can be seen using the MySwing avatar or the Pelvis Sway-Thrust-Lift graph. In the avatar a sway is signified by their center of mass getting outside or behind the trail foot. In the graph it can be seen by a large decline in the green (sway) curve during the load. This dip shows that the pelvis is moving backwards away from its center affecting center of mass, balance, rhythm, timing, and consistency of the swing."

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